The Indiana Democratic Party’s commitment to the future of Indiana has been proven through the steady and unfailing success of our public education system. To make Indiana an attractive place to live, work and raise a family and to make Indiana a place where jobs of the future will locate, this commitment must continue.

We understand that the success of Hoosier students only occurs because of first-class educators dedicated to providing a quality education to students. We are committed to continuing classroom success and student achievement by retaining highly qualified professional educators – and treating them with the respect they deserve.

We must:

•     Foster an environment that rewards great teachers who are committed to our schools, communities and students.

•     Restore K-12 public school funding as a priority at the Statehouse, reversing the $300 million that the current administration cut from the state budget.

•     Ensure that more Indiana educators are trained in math and science. We will work with our educators and schools to increase our programs for students in math and science and support efforts to equip students with the requisite skills for a successful future in high-tech jobs and emerging sciences.

•     Take proactive and aggressive steps to decrease the dropout rate of Indiana’s high school students, including working to engage families and communities of at-risk students. We will also take additional steps to encourage students who have dropped out to complete their GED and seek further higher education or on- the-job training.

•     Fully utilize vocational and technical education programs in public schools to prepare high school students to immediately enter the workforce upon graduation.

•     Promote the affordability of higher education for all Hoosiers by ensuring that tuition remains as low as possible and credits remain transferable to all Indiana public colleges and universities. We will further ensure that students have job opportunities in Indiana post-graduation and that efforts are made to retain more graduates from our colleges and universities in Indiana to reverse the ‘brain drain.’

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