The Indiana Democratic Party is committed to the creation of good-paying jobs that provide a living wage, health care, pensions, training and the opportunity for advancement in life for Hoosiers and their families.

The current gubernatorial administration has failed our state by undertaking policies that meet short-term goals for short-term gains while ignoring the underlying needs of our citizens and failing to look to the future. The passage of divisive “right to work” legislation this year exemplifies the Republican anti-worker agenda in Indiana.

Not all jobs are created equal. Yet the acquisition of any job is heralded as a success whether it produces salaries below the county average income, lacks benefits needed to care for Hoosier families, or comes at the expense of existing, good-paying jobs with benefits such as those that we continue to lose in Indiana.

In 2004, Mitch Daniels “berated his opponent” with the fact that Hoosiers made 91 cents on every dollar in a national income comparison. Seven years later, despite Daniels’ best spin, that number has gotten worse. Hoosiers today make 86 cents for every dollar other Americans bring home. We make less. Our unemployment rate is through the roof. Hoosiers are struggling. That’s why Indiana Democrats are prepared to lead our state in a different direction and restore Indiana’s promise. We must:

•             Adopt a tax policy for Indiana businesses and workers that improves our ability to
compete in the global economy.

•             Promote a corporate tax structure that provides incentives to companies headquartered in Indiana by ensuring that all businesses pay the state’s sales tax on online purchases.

•             Repeal the state sales tax on gasoline, a routine purchase as necessary for most Hoosier families as food and medicine.

•             Make the research and development (R&D)tax credit permanent so many of the major companies in Indiana are able to compete in the global marketplace. By making the R&D tax credit permanent, we would give these companies certainty in the tax code and encourage them to keep their R&D efforts on American soil.

•             Help small business owners invest in the equipment they need to expand their businesses by making the enhanced expensing deduction permanent.

•             Provide incentives for companies that in-source rural jobs rather than send them to other countries. We can offer a tax credit to employers in rural areas who hire new workers.

•             Ensure we are getting our tax dollars’ worth when it comes to transportation funding. Indiana currently receives just 92% of what we send the federal government. We need to increase the rate of return on our tax dollars so the State of Indiana and local governments across our state have the tools they need to keep roads and bridges in shape to lure businesses to communities in Indiana.

•             Enact comprehensive tax reform that provides fairness for all families and creates a climate for economic growth that will lift all our citizens and communities.

•             Promote training that prepares Hoosiers for a changing economy through 21st century vocational education in high schools, access to technical and post-secondary education, and life-long retraining.

•             Tap all of America’s energy resources–coal, natural gas, oil, wind, ethanol, bio-diesel, and others. Indiana would be a major part of the job creation in this effort. We already have coal in southwestern Indiana, oil in northwest Indiana, and wind in central Indiana; so we know what a job creator the energy industry can be.

All citizens deserve the opportunity to reach their highest potential in our society. The pathway to greater income, success and personal achievement is through education and training that fits each individual. With a globalized economy, it’s essential that Hoosier workers possess transferable skills that they may use in their current and future jobs. We must:

•             Connect private business owners with community colleges such as Ivy Tech in order to ensure that the curriculum produces a competitive workforce. We have the best workers in the world here in Indiana, so we must equip them with the most up-to-date skills to get and keep good-paying jobs.

•             Direct existing workforce training dollars to those programs that are teaching the skills employers need now.

This straightforward change would make better use of existing federal programs by prioritizing the types of training that will lead to a job upon completion.

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