We recognize that families face the challenge of global environmental decline. Effective environmental protection will lead to greater innovation and economic growth. Hoosiers can grow the economy while simultaneously preserving the integrity of the environment. The Indiana Democratic Party believes that we must:

•     Modernize and re-tool our state’s economy to replace the manufacturing jobs that have vanished from Indiana in the past four years. We must utilize the skills of our workforce to attract green manufacturing and invest in renewable energies, both of which will sustain the environment and provide good wages.

•     Identify and reduce Indiana’s carbon footprint.

•     Our dependence on foreign oil poses a serious threat to our economy and our national security. Record-high gas prices are already forcing Hoosier families to make difficult sacrifices, and our dependence on unstable regimes is dangerous and unsustainable. It’s absolutely critical that we put our country on a path toward energy independence.

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