The current gubernatorial administration has been caught wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on lavish furniture and décor at a state agency. They’re on the hook for millions for a failed social services privatization deal. And we recently found out that they lost track of nearly half a billion taxpayer dollars through a series of accounting errors.

The Indiana Democratic Party believes ethical governing rests upon the cornerstones of openness, honesty, accountability, and transparency. We will restore faith and integrity in state government and work with local governments to serve all Hoosiers well.

We believe that high ethical standards must be in place at every level in state government. Values based upon the highest principles must begin in the Governor’s office and cascade to all state agencies. Government ethics should be applied and enforced with an objective standard. Investigations should be conducted independently, thoroughly, and publicly, to make certain that violators are handled accordingly.

We believe citizens’ access to records, meetings and other public information should be easily available in order to ensure the proper stewardship of government.

The Indiana Democratic Party believes that working in state government as an employee, contractor or official is a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Government’s purpose is not to make a profit or selectively choose its customers, but to serve all its citizens. Those who work for the people should act as public servants and must not profit from their roles.

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